Saint of the Month of August 2018, Saint Maximillian Mary Kolbe

In 1907, Saint Maximillian Kolbe and his older brother joined the Franciscans. When he took his final vows in 1914, he added the name Mary. He changed his name from Raymond to Maximillian Kolbe to Maximillian Mary Kolbe. Although many on cloistered communities will take on another name, this second change of his name signifies his full surrender to God through devotion Mary.

April Saint of the Month Saint Mark the Evangelist

Saint Mark the Evangelist Feast day April 25 Patron saint of: notaries, Barristers and Venice It can be challenging to relate our everyday life, with scripture, with canonized saints and holy people. Unless we have had a divine experience to connect with to angels, Jesus, Mary or whomever, we can be left struggling to find …

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