Why Spiritual Direction?

The short answer is: Why not?

The path of seeking and going to a Spiritual Director is for everyone and for all walks of faith. Whether we realize it or not, our body, mind and spirit are connected to one another. Spiritual direction helps to understand that balance.

When am I ready for Spiritual Direction?

If you are reading this, then you are ready.

We can all seek and receive benefit from Spiritual Direction, since we all have inner spiritual stirrings. A Spiritual Director is the conduit between you and God or however you identify with your higher source. Feel free to contact me with any additional questions or to schedule a one time complimentary 30 minute face to face or virtual appointment. This first session, enables both of us, to see if sharing a spiritual path is right for both of us.

Is Spiritual Direction the same as counseling?

We walk together on a journey of spiritual growth. I listen to where you have gone, where you want to go or possibly where you feel stuck in your spiritual life. Then take a journey through various routes of self discovery and seeking truth of what that means on a more personal level.

Spiritual Direction is different from therapy or counseling, because it is applied to the inner spiritual knowing that we have in our personal everyday life. Often times they work in tandem and can benefit one another along the inner journey of self discovery. Our body, mind and spirit works most efficiently together, which is why spiritual direction does not replace other modalities of healing, but compliments them.

What are the benefits of Spiritual Direction?

The benefits of Spiritual Direction, is to be able to look at our spiritual self and to allow those parts previously hidden to flourish. In our Spiritual Home, we find our community whom we share a collective spiritual path. The Spiritual Direction is, learning how to walk our own spiritual path, to develop stronger connections within our Spiritual Home.

Who should go for Spiritual Direction?

Anyone is the short answer. We are all spiritual. We also all have a different experiences and allows for different awareness of our spirituality and where that fits into our life.

Someone who seeks Spiritual Direction does not have to be devoutly religious, spiritual or have a ministerial profession. Spiritual Direction is for anyone who wants to understand who we are spiritually and where all these things we learn fit into our lives.

Why do I offer Spiritual Direction?

I can look back through life and can reflect on how people have always shared stories with me in regard to their life and spiritual experiences. I have come to learn that these experiences along with developing an understanding about them make an impact on our life. It can be empowering when we are able to reach this awareness on our own with the aid of a Spiritual Director.

I have been a seeker of the truth since a young age. However, after a personally experiencing a spiritual awakening, I developed the understanding without the aid of wise counsel, because I did not know about Spiritual Direction at the time. After experiencing Spiritual Direction, I see the honor it is to walk the journey with others who may experience a spiritual awakening, any inner confusion or want to experience a more devout spiritual journey.

The lifetime of seeking has sent me to explore many different spiritual paths and religions. I identify as a Christian with a concentration in Buddhism, Jewish Mysticism and an understanding of Quaker, Pagan and Wiccan beliefs and practices. The current spiritual practices include a weekly Eucharist in the Epsicopal Church, followed with daily meditation, centering prayer, praying the rosary and reading. While this is my practice, I can also see value each denomination can offer. We arrive at God and our relationship with God differently and in our own time. I try to meet each person I sit with, where they are and encourage what everyone already has in place.

Although, the path of Spiritual Direction is not where I began. It was during Chaplain training that I felt led to offer a more regular and consistent opportunities toward empowerment with individualized spiritual dialogue. Our spiritual journey can be empowering individually as well as aiding us to find our connection to the rest of the world, that is becoming a more fast paced existence. I continue to strive to grow spiritually and strengthen my connection with God and spiritual practices, to better offer spiritual direction for myself and others.

Why call it Spiritual Direction?

There are many different ways of which people refer to Spiritual Direction. In addition to Spiritual Director, there is also Spiritual Guide, a Spiritual Friend, Soul Friend and Guru.

In looking at my understanding of guide, it can sometimes feel more like holding hands to take someone along a path. I feel the journey more as a walk beside, as a source of knowledge or affirmation. I feel it is more empowering to direct thoughts and actions to allow personal awareness to form.

In regards to Spiritual Friend, there are times when we have a friend whom we can speak with honesty and they can see past all the other personal information they know about us, to be of assistance without being clouded. Truthfully, this is often a challenge, as people who are our friends, can also know the rest of what is happening in our life or can be too close tone non-objective. This can prevent us from being able to do something that might be hard to do, but is a part of our journey.

I prefer the use of director, because I strive to allow for self empowerment. As I mentioned before, I can listen and offer direction on where to possibly turn. Those decisions on what to accept or adapt, are not mine to make. Therefore like a movie director, I try to offer suggestions and ways to look at where spirit may go, it is for each one of us to decide what feels right or achievable. At the end of our lives, we are each the stars of our own movie, we decide how the full production will look, with aid along the way.

What will I expect when we meet?

We will walk together on a spiritual journey of discovery and growth. I listen to where you have gone, where you are and where you want to go or might feel stuck in your spiritual life. Through the various routes of self discovery and seeking truth, I can pull from a variety of resources and spiritual paths to offer.

Appointments are usually 50-60 minutes in length. Each appointment will include spiritual conversation and can include prayer, meditation or some other form of centering. Sometimes a suggestion of reading or writing might be offered.

What if I have experienced hurt in a church?

Spiritual Direction is not to convert or to say the ways some are hurt is okay. Although it can help heal those hurts so they do not continue to weaken us. The purpose of Spiritual Direction is to help connect our spiritual life to what allows nourishment for us. This can help achieve balance of our body, mind and spirit and live more whole.

Many of us who are outcasts of the church, have been hurt in some way or another. Sometimes that hurt can be from exclusion, inflicted hurt from peers or leaders or many other ways our human ways of life can get in the way of our true spiritual path. If you or someone you care about has been hurt in a church or any spiritual home, I am sorry, this was your experience. I strive to not judge based on anyones spiritual path or beliefs, anyones race, gender, gender-identity, sexual orientation, sobriety or any other way we try to categorize one another. All of categories and exclusion ultimately limits our spiritual growth, but we are all human after all.