imageHey, I am Riley Chattin, a certified Spiritual Director and Intuitive. As a Spiritual Director I draw upon a background of diverse experiences and training, to help navigate unique spiritual paths. It is an honor to accompany others, as we learn to recognize the ways in which our lives are enriched, along our spiritual journey.

I am able to recognize that we may have our spiritual home, but we also have our own journey and spiritual relationships. While we may know that we have the opportunity to strengthen our spiritual lives, we may not know how. This is where a Spiritual Director can be of benefit, to expand the opportunities of spiritual growth. In addition to Spiritual Director training at the Spiritual Direction Institute, I am also a certified Reiki Master, and Reflexology practitioner, which all aid in recognizing our physical, mental and spiritual needs. I feel a connection to Canonized Saints, meditate, practice Centering Prayer and appreciate the ritual within liturgy found in an Episcopal church, where I can be found most Sunday’s. While also occationally experiencing what other loving faith and spiritual homes have to offer.

Thank you for taking time to look around, to learn more about me, individual spiritual direction sessions, workshops, musings and more. I look forward to meeting with you as we walk along this spiritual path called life.

In Person Appointments

My office is located in the Grandin Village of Roanoke, Virginia. I am available for in person meetings Monday through Friday, please contact me for an appointment.

Virtual Appointments

Thanks to God’s gift of the Internet, it is not necessary for us to be in the same physical location, in order to engage in meaningful sessions together. A variety of different technologies make virtual meetings convenient and easy to accomplish. I am available to meet with you via Skype, Google Hangouts or by telephone.

The virtual appointments are the same as face to face, the experience will not be slighted because of not being in person. Each encounter holds the same value and spiritual worth.

Cost of Appointments

Unlike many services we cannot assign a value to spiritual work, but we can offer a suggestion. The financial expense is based on what you feel you can comfortably afford and also what spiritual direction is valued for you.

A suggested donation of $35 for individual sessions. Please contact me for suggestions for workshops or groups. If you feel you cannot comfortably pay for services, please do not hesitate to contact me. God always has an open door.

After scheduling an appointment, you will be asked to follow the link to the donation page for payment, unless paying in person. You will also receive the link via text or email upon scheduling an appointment.

Contact Information

Email: outcastsandsaints@gmail.com

Telephone: 540-339-6522

Skype: Riley Chattin

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