Ash Wednesday

Dear Outcasts and Saints,

Today is Ash Wednesday and have enjoyed the sweet goodness of Shrove Tuesday, announcing the season of Lent has arrived. The season of Lent is not about the chocolate, it never was, but sometimes it feels that way. Though it can be an affirming thing to lay down things that we feel have a control over our lives, which is what Lent is about.

The season of Lent is a time to look inside of ourselves to find what distractions we have that keeps us from knowing ourselves and our neighbors, as children of God. It is a time to find who we are without social media, chocolate, caffeine, alcohol and so on. These things that we begin to believe is who we are or defines the life we live.

In those lives that we live, how can we take the season of Lent to step out of our comfort zone, to grow. To grow and then make those shifts a regular part of who we are in our communities. In the life experiences I have had, I have come to see how much intention begins long term change of actions. To know that everything is not going to flip, as flipping on or off a light. It is about stepping back enough to see how we can can humbly walk like Jesus, to be present with one another, even if it is at the comfort zone edge.

For those of us outcasts, it also includes the awareness of knowing we have what it takes to be ourselves knowing the grace of God is with us. No ifs ands or buts about it, God is always with us and loves us. If we really think about it, we have already experienced a glimmer of the presence of God, sometimes even in the toughest of times. Unless we are right in the middle of it and then it can be hard to see clearly.

With that awareness of mercy, take a moment to draw awareness to intentions and attention inward to life as a disciple. To look inside at the root word of disciple, which means to learn. As we are learning how to walk the way of Jesus, while walking through this season of Lent. May we be aware of the ways we can be active participants of the grace of God in our lives and in our communities.

peace be,


7 thoughts on “Ash Wednesday

      1. You’re so welcome. I thought of you this past Sunday. Our Adult Forum at St. John’s is doing a study on “Reclaiming Jesus: A Confession of Faith in a Time of Crisis.” It is based on a list of five beliefs (with accompanying rejections) composed by leaders from various Christian churches and groups including our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and Father Richard Rohr, Founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation where you are studying! You are probably already familiar with Reclaiming Jesus, but if not there is more information at


  1. Maria Calayag

    I like this! it is true because a lot of us miss what length is all about it’s not about giving up something or not eating meat it’s more than that I love what you said and I strongly agree hope all is well take care 😍


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