July Giving 2019

The giving for July is Word Central Kitchen. This is not a spiritually focused group, it is involving communion, but not in the way many would see it on Sunday.

The Eucharist is a rite that includes the sacraments of bread and wine or wafer and grape juice, also referred to as the body and blood of Jesus. If we look at this message from Jesus “For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.’” (Matthew 18:20), then we are looking at more than the ritual that is practiced from the alter.

Although in many instances, we might not be sitting with or meeting with someone who is living with the same spiritual intent, the focus we have is on us. As in many instances, we are the only people we can change. That is how I see the interactions I have, recognizing, not everyone I encounter believes the same as I do spiritually. I still strive to see it as a spiritual exchange in my personal actions. In short I ask; is the action I am giving compassionate?

The action of compassion and care for our fellow people, is why the giving for

July is World Central Kitchen. It was begun by Chef José Andrés, who fought this group to the forefront, when he spent his own money to travel, after Hurricane Maria damaged most of the island, to feed the people in Puerto Rico in 2017. The whole story is in his book, “We Fed an Island”, which tells of how everyone pulled together to feed people during a time without electricity, easy access to clean water and abundantly made healthy meals. This reminded me of Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta, going into the slums to reach people in need.

The work of World Central Kitchen did not begin with Puerto Rico and did not end their either. It is inspiring to see all the ways this group is able to organize and reach people in need, in a humane ways. Please, check them out and see for yourself and maybe you too will see the actions of communion.

Where else can communion be seen?

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