Monday Minute # 24

*Monday Minute on a Tuesday, because in my humanness I forgot to publish the post.

It feels to me, that we have rapidly appeared in the second half of June. This suddenly putting us, just a few days (Thursday June 20) before the summer solstice. This of course shifting those of us in the northern hemisphere, officially into the summer season and those in the southern moving into winter. Regardless of the season, in morning prayer we walk through different parts of the Bible, sitting with the message, with different elements standing out in scripture. There is a lot of scripture that can be used for summer, because it mentions light or growth. The light, could be used to connect to the light of summer or be used as reminders during darkness. This whether the darkness is in shorter days of winter or in dark nights of the soul.

There are many ways that we can see the light as a part of summer. The light is all around us and we are easily reminded of life surrounding us as life has burst forth from previous dormant plants and trees. This brings us this week the scripture, “No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house”. (Matthew 5:15)

We can become crippled in such light, that we stop acting or do not take the first step. It is easy to be lost in the light, just like Saul, before he was Paul not being able to see for three days after experiencing such brightness.(Acts 9) The idea is not to get caught up or lost by the light, that we do not take the first step or the next step. Then possibly we slow down with the fear that we do not know the outcome of anything ahead of us. The outcomes are not for us to know. The outcome is in the first step forward within the wisdom and compassion we have already been shown, continuing in our own way to share and feed our light.

We are of the light, be of the light!

Wishing you a peaceful summer!

2 thoughts on “Monday Minute # 24

  1. MaryAnn Rozum

    I just went to a Native American mound site that lines up with summer and winter solstice. I love the long days and regret they will become shorter now. We all need more of God’s light in our life no matter the season!

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    1. I too enjoy the longer days and appreciate what you said. It is beautiful how the Native American culture used the earth to connect with spirit, through using something tangible. It is something similar in Celtic Spirituality, in a way it moves the spirit from something invisible to the naked eye to something able to see.

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