Monday Minute # 22


We currently have jars holding a variation of seeds and legumes in different stages of sprouting appearing on our counter. These sprouts of beans and such are soaked, then allowed to sprout, but removed from regular soaking just before developing into a full plant. Some will have small leaves sprouting, which are called the feeder leaves, with those dropping off once the plant has differently mature leaves. There are studies that say, sprouting holds various nutritional benefits that are different than eating them prepared. This also makes me think of plants with blooms that we eat, this takes away the potential for the fruit or vegetable to form. There are fern fiddleheads, squash and zucchini to name a few. While there are also some blossoms that are edible, but do not also form fruit.

As mentioned, with sprouting the plant is not fully formed, because the growing is halted a few days after a long soak. Each day they are swirled around in water, daily seeing seeds expanding until they burst open. This weekend, I stood there with a jar of tiny mustard seeds swirling them around in water, rinsing them, but more so recognizing they were submerged in water. This made me think of our Baptism, whether fully immersed in water or a splash on the forehead, we are offered the water of life. (John 4:14)

Then if we are lucky, we have had many different seeds of hope planted within our life experiences. Allowing different forms of nourishment to connect us into our families and our spiritual home. The way we are nourished can change, which can offer us the awareness of how Jesus offered different ways of living by example. That when we are children our time in coloring, doing puzzles and hearing stories about Jesus and our life with Jesus, can become lessons that are Bible studies, like Jesus gathering along the edges of town. Then these studies can develop into a contemplative practice where we sit in quiet focusing our attention on a sacred symbol or word, as in when Jesus went off to the mountain side to spend time alone. Where our spiritual lives go is left to us, on if we are open to the changes in our relationship with God and our presence in the world as Christians.

Just as if a I leave the seeds alone in the jar after the initial soak, the little seeds would dry up, so too can our faith. They would stop growing, stop expanding out of their seed shell, just as we can spiritually whither if we stop allowing our presence with God to be nourished. While there are also times when we will be ready to move on, allowing a seed to be left for someone else to care for, we first have to be present.

The choice is up to us on if we will continue to provide water for the seeds others have planted for us and how we will allow those to develop for ourselves and others. To be Christian is to also have the awareness of our ability to expand beyond our initial spiritual awareness, then like the scattered mustard seeds, eventually becoming large trees supporting others along their journey. (Luke 13:18-19)It is our spiritual community that helps guide our language, nourish our seedlings and guide our path, by being fully present as ourselves along the outskirts listening and talking about our life striving to be like Jesus.

+++An add on from last weeks post is to share that March 23, being the 143 day of the year in Pennsylvania will be known as 143 day. How will we be spreading those 143 seeds on May 23rd?

Follow the link to learn more about 143 Day:

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