Monday Minute # 18 and the Monthly Donation

A Monday Minute happens on a Tuesday when Monday is April Fools Day. People tend to not take things seriously on April Fools Day, though I have a sense of humor it does not always translate in text.

All joking aside, this month the donation to an organization that is doing spiritual work that reaches everyone, even the Outcasts and Saints is Center for Action and Contemplation. For anyone who has read any book or the daily meditation by Father Richard Rohr, it is likely also to be familiar with the before mentioned non-profit that he also founded.

If unfamiliar, each day to whatever device you read email on, a daily meditation can reach your inbox. Free of charge! It is a wise teacher sending a spiritual reflection every day. These meditations also include the other primary teachers of Center for Action and Contemplation, Cynthia Bourgeault and James Finely. Each bringing their own experiences, wisdom and connections within scripture, reaching us in a variety of ways.

There are also regularly offered online courses and a yearly conference that if financially unable to attend, can be live streamed via the internet. They can then be viewed in their entirety after the conference is over. This is being Christ in the world and meeting each person where they are. One of the wonderful aspects is they also offer is a scholarship that can be applied for, which reduces as many barriers as possible.

With this, I would like to also offer the news that in January I learned about being accepted to the Living School at the Center for Action in Contemplation. I will begin meeting with the 2021 cohorts of the Living School two year program, beginning with orientation in May. I would like to ask for prayers for the coming months and years, as I begin this journey. God knows exactly what I will need and appreciate when in prayer lifting me and my family up, in preparation and beginning this portion of our spiritual journey.

4 thoughts on “Monday Minute # 18 and the Monthly Donation

  1. MaryAnn Rozum

    Congrats on being accepted into the next class! I went to a contemplative prayer workshop here and the guy running it started with Richard Rohr in Cinci when he started a community here called little Jerusalem. I had to google him to learn more

    Keep us posted on your progress!

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  2. I’m really excited for you, and what a great opportunity! I’ve read posts on that website before but had not saved to “favorites” and so lost it. But not any more! Saved to “favorites” now! Big “Congratulations!” from all of us to you!

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