Monday Minute # 13

The first donation made is to The Episcopal Church, with the designation toward Absalum Jones (2018 Saint of the month). This will not repeat what has already been said in the blog about his continued faith in action. This is part of being in the Communion of Saints, to continue the work in whatever way we feel called. To also know those who answered the inner stirring before is, toward including the outcasts.

As a reminder, these monthly donations come from 10% of all in person or virtual appointments and set workshops and go toward inclusive spiritual organizations. In other words, their actions are toward reaching someone on the margins of society. While also not excluding others in the process. This offers a reminder to remember Jesus did not exclude anyone at the table and this is our continued action toward inclusivity. Take a moment to learn about The Way of Love and The Episcopal Church.

Thank you for being a part of the action.

2 thoughts on “Monday Minute # 13

  1. I love how you are donating to organizations that provide spiritual support to those on the margins who have been made to feel unwelcome and unworthy. This is very inspiring and I pray for your continued success. John


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