Monday Minute # 12

Monday Minute # 12

It can be easy to lose sight of the big picture during times when we are trying to survive. Still for each of us, that quest for survival is real and survival looks different. For example, one person might see the struggle that I experience among crowds of people as no problem, I might see a struggle someone else has as nothing. This connects me to the saying, “it takes a village”. Basically, we are not finished growing until we are ready to leave our physical bodies, but also recognizing the guides we have along the way may change.

For those of us who are outcasts we may not always be aware there is a village. However, if we pay attention to subtleties in social media, conversations with people we encounter daily, friends, family and so on, we can learn many people feel disconnected in various ways. This making it feel at times that the village may be smaller than the way we envision a village to be, but there still a village.

Just as easy as it can be to miss our common threads of connection, it can be easy to be too comfortable with disconnect. That disconnect can cause us to also lose our connection within our spiritual life. Although, this can easily occur after being disowned by our family of origin, shunned by people we have known or even with any loss that is out of our control. The part that we miss with all of that, is connecting to the love Jesus asks us to give ourselves before giving it to others. (Matthew 22:34-40) That the act of self compassion, can include also seeking and talking to people to help us find an inclusive spiritual home, connections to assistance and patience with ourselves through the process.

Take a moment to think of the people who have been uplifting, kind or compassionate. In those moments, if it possible, also take a moment to offer a note of thanks for their presence or hospitality. This can create a different outward action of creating connections. It can be interesting to see in what ways others might do in return, always open to the fluctuation of people in our lives.

There are always compassion connections. In that our own compassion toward ourself is key, to understanding and openness toward the different types of connection that are offered. It does not always appear how we originally thought, it is there, it is also easier to see when being compassionate to ourselves.

…be compassion…

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