Monday Minute and an Announcement

Monday Minute # 8

As we are moving past the holidays, which can be a time when some people gather with their family of origin. There are many people, for vast reasons, without a family of origin, making holidays or special occasions challenging. For me, I am reminded of the saying I first heard in the LGBTQ community referencing a “family of choice”. Instead of looking at the family as a blood line, which can create an illusion of superiority from one to another group. This is a separation we create from one another. While a “family of choice”, is one where we accept one another openly empowering one another to live from the heart, without judgement or exclusion.

As we move toward the possibility to look at everyone as a part of an extended family, this can begin to dissolve our separation from one another. It can also represent the unique diversity that familial structures can take, from adopted or foster families, church families, to neighborly families, support groups and so on.

There are different reasons we often are unable to connect within our blood line. If we are unable to connect with one another just as we are, this separation can lead to creating an imbalance between giving and receiving. Though if we are able to extend that structure of a family unit to groups and friends, a balance can begin. This can begin with us.

It is the movement toward unity, that a deeper understanding of hope can begin to be fully embraced. The separation we begin to dissolve opens us more fully to the Communion of Saints, connecting us to the mercy of God and the promise of eternal life.

With this expanding view of the Communion of Saints, this year I will begin donating 10% of all proceeds from workshops and or individual sessions (virtual or in person). This is in addition to the 8 hours a week volunteering as a Spiritual Director. The place of donation will be an organization helping the “least of these” (Matthew 25:40), while also being inclusively supportive of all God’s children. I look forward to seeing where this expansion of grace will move us in the year ahead.

peace be…

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