December 2018 Musings

Prayer part 2 of 3

This past Sunday we lite the pink Advent candle, that represents joy. The act of joy also requires vulnerability, to be fully present within in an experience, letting our true feelings to be seen. This leads me to think of how Jesus asks us to be child like, to enter into the kingdom of Heaven. (Matthew 18:3)

This takes me to the joyful play of watching a group of children chasing after bubbles. They are letting it all go for those seconds as they reach for the floating shimmery spheres. This is, when joy radiates off their bodies.

The act of letting go is what is happening when we turn to the act of prayer. Although prayer can feel private, it connects us into community. Even if we are quietly on our own in prayer, we are still connecting into a whole network of saints and holy people who walked before us and walk with us. This is one of the ways we connect to the Communion of Saints and an opportunity to be reminded of the presence of the Holy Spirit. This is perhaps why the Holy Spirit is described in the Bible in different forms. Enabling us to experience scripture and our spirituality in different ways, whether we are reminded of the Holy Spirit through air, fire, water or earth.

It is the use of rote prayers that enable us to let go of our own stream of thoughts swirling in our heads, connecting to something beyond ourselves. The rhythmic recitation of the Rosary, Serenity Prayer or The Lord’s Prayer are just a few. This requires our air as we speak, the fire of energy, the physical bodies we possess that is approximately 75% water and the earth which we gently walk. These prayerful moments allow us focus our thoughts on something else, connecting us into our spiritual journey with the Communion of Saints.

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