Monday Minute #7

This week for Advent, we light along with the first candle for hope, the second candle for peace. Which takes me to a memorable night on November 9, 1989. I was a senior in high school in awe watching the events of the Berlin Wall beginning to fall. Before this night, I had read some about the Berlin Wall in our family’s encyclopedia set, where I also learned about East and West Germany. This enabled me to recognize the depth of the events unfolding on the news. People climbing on top of the wall, cheering and dismantling an image of oppression. That evening coupled with earlier that year, I remember watching the protests in Tiananmen Square.

This all brought to the forefront of thought, the concept of peace. So when asked what I wanted for my birthday a month later, I arrogantly or ignorantly or maybe hopefully, asked for “world peace”, after all, the concept of world peace was something being spoken about.

It seemed the best thing to ask for. To me seeing the people cheering atop the wall, peace seemed to also include hope. Living with a parent who was less than constructive with their words and actions, peace seemed like a good thing to ask for. I did not understand the existence of peace, but was open to the presence of peace.

Now as I am starting my 46th circle around the sun, I recognize that peace is not something we achieve. Peace is something that we are. Peace is.

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