December 2018, Saint of the Month

Saint Nicolas of Myra

Feast Day December 6

Patron Saint of many cities, professions, causes, countries and especially of children, falsely accused, sailors and prisoners.

Now I am more able to appreciate all the holidays that happen during autumn and beginning of winter. It reminds me of my connection to the Earth, reminds of where I come from and how we really have no clue what the future holds. Our faith falls inside the unknown again and again, prayer and faith reminding us that we have what we need to move forward in life or that some how assistance will arrive.

With that, I look forward to this Holiday Season, it because it holds my birthday, but because there are so many holidays, with four offering an opportunity to connect with light. These holidays are Hanukkah, Rohatsu (or Bodhi Day), Winter Solstice and Christmas, each offering their own awareness of enlightenment and letting go of fear that prevents us from being able to embrace light.

To me, it almost seems that some people seem to be naturally born into light, holding light and transferring light to others. Then some of us, arrive at the awareness of light later in life. Although, I know that regardless of when we arrive there, it is wonderful we arrive there. Saint Nicholas is one of those who always seemed to be aware of light, possessing the desire to be of service toward others, and was described as being a pious child.

The Coca-Cola chugging, cookie noshing, fat old jolly Saint Nick of today, is different than the Saint Nicholas, from which so much of the folklore arrives to us today. Allegedly the stockings some may hang out for Christmas night, comes from the story of Saint Nicholas of Myra, leaving sacks of coins in stockings hanging out to dry. Those coins offered an opportunity for three young women of a poverty stricken family to marry, giving them an opportunity of an easier life, instead of one being sold into slavery.

Though some of our gift giving traditions today, may have derived from the story of Saint Nicholas, there is a part I had missed until recently, that is compassion and generosity of which Saint Nicholas brought offering opportunity to the lives of others.

Saint Nicholas is an example of support arriving just when it is needed, seems a central part of the life of Saint Nicholas. His life was one of giving and receiving generosity, he was raised by an Uncle who was also a Bishop after the death of his parents. Continuing generously onward once he became a priest to walk the life like Jesus, speaking for those wrongfully imprisoned or to be of assistance to those in poverty.

There is always an opportunity to gain the awareness of our personal light and how to be of assistance to others. Even those of us fellow outcasts who may no longer be a part of our families of origin or communities, similar to Saint Nicholas of Myra. The assistance may not arrive how we envision, or how it was before, but it will. The life of Saints and Canonized Saints like Saint Nicholas of Myra, live by example and with a variety opportunity to enlighten our awareness.

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