Monday Minute # 4

In the United States, we are in the week that holds Thanksgiving. It is a time, for many to sit in gratitude of what life has to offer or has offered. Those of us on the margin or those of us excluded from our family at birth it can be a time that holds the reminder of exclusion or being unwanted.

We are wanted by God and we are a part of the ever expanding family of God. God asks that everyone to be included at the table, with the justification of worth being unnecessary. (Galatians 3:26-29) The inclusion to God’s mercy for all is what God asks of us. This is in our faith and is where prayer can begin to dissolve the separation imposed on those of us in the margins.

Prayer is connection to God and can be our continued reminder to ourselves of our worth. This week, in the minute of prayer, try also offering a prayer of Thanksgiving. A prayer of Thanksgiving does not have to be big, a

It is recognizing something we have that makes our life easier, whether it is clothes on our body, of not being bullied that day or in meeting a new friend potential. Offering Thanksgiving is where connections begin to the feeling of gratitude.

I offer a prayer of Thanksgiving for you.

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