Monday Minute 1

One thing that is mentioned most often for spiritual disciples, whether in Christianity, Wiccan, Buddhism or where ever, is to have time to ones self. This time can be spent in meditation and/or prayer. This is a habit that is most often mentioned in Canonized Saints and Holy People.

Although it can feel intimidating to think of carving out a chunk of time in our day, even a small bit of time is beneficial. Eventually, we will be able to recognize, that time can enable better focus, relaxation and spiritual connection. The way I began was setting a reminder on my phone for a time I knew held the best possibility of being able to pause during the day. It was also a time of day, I thought could hold the most possibility to be in a busked state. The first reminder I set was at 3pm, with a small prayer written with it. I now have a few spaced throughout the day, but started with just one. These are each personal and gentle reminders for myself and presence with those around me.

Here is one that can be done with our breath, YHWH (YAH WEH). Breathing in YAH and breathing out WEH. Setting a timer for a minute to begin, as we breathe in and out with the name of God moving into us and then out around us, can offer a gentle reminder of God’s enduring presence.

Breathing in, breathing out.

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