August 2018 Musings

Movement and Pauses

In the rushes of day to day, it is easy to forget where we are and who we are with. Not in the way of literally forgetting, more so in the way that we forget to be fully present. Just as much that we forget to pay attention to the moment we are living, especially if it holds some discomfort.

Life holds perpetual movement forward, however to live without pausing, can make life seem as though there is a sampling of life. Think of it as only watching a few minutes of a movie and then saying, we got all we needed from the storyline, character development and plot twists. This does not offer the opportunity to experience all that unfolds.

Not unlike a movie, life holds several movies happening at the same time, creating our life. It is said that depression is living in the past, while anxiety is living too far into the future. (Though, depression and anxiety can hold multiple factors being the cause.) In both instances, the present moment is what is lost. The past has already past. Life happens now, then moves into the future. All three cannot exist at the same time.

This has become apparent to me, in recent weeks while we are preparing to move. We have not moved in close to seventeen years. In many ways it is a new experience, because in seventeen years a lot has changed. Things have changed in society and in us. It reminds me of the saying,”we cannot return home”, because after we leave our filters change and how we see, feel, hear the world is different. The home we once lived in, will appear different, because we do not live in a vacuum.

In everyday life, it is easy for us to live in our past. In our present lives, we also have our past surrounding us with the things we have in our homes, our clothes and the people in or not in our lives. All of this holds a reminder of where we have been. While not fully knowing where we will be in the future.

Even though this move is our choice, it has created a feeling of an upheaval within our lives. All bringing to the awareness that moving is one of the top five most stressful life events, behind death of a loved one and divorce. The process of moving has made me keenly aware of the importance of regular meditation and self care, to help maintain a sense of balance. That balance helps ease the tension of upheavals and unexpected life events. Although they may still feel jarring, balance enables us to navigate the turbulence with a bit more ease.

This is why, it can be a beneficial practice to become aware of the present moment. While sitting in that moment to notice the sights, sounds and inner reactions. To begin the process of knowing how we respond to different experiences, can make it possible to more easily identify if a reaction is happening right now, in our past or if we have projected into the future. This form of processing can take these moments that seem overwhelming or impossible to traverse, to see how they can still hold an affirmation of our own inner strength. This gives within us the power, to decide how we proceed into the next moment.

If we can notice that moment with gratitude of still seeing that we remain standing, while recognizing the moment will eclipse, we can offer gratitude. The same thing with a “feel good” moment, hold gratitude of that experience, but to not be afraid to let that go. It is gratitude that we move in the present moment. It is in each moment that holds the opportunity to release fear, in recognizing this moment can change if we allow ourselves to let go of how we initially perceive it. This is mindfulness in action. The time that life happens is, now.

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