April Saint of the Month Saint Mark the Evangelist

Saint Mark the Evangelist

Feast day April 25

Patron saint of: notaries, Barristers and Venice

It can be challenging to relate our everyday life, with scripture, with canonized saints and holy people. Unless we have had a divine experience to connect with to angels, Jesus, Mary or whomever, we can be left struggling to find a connection. Though one way might work for the majority off folks, another way might be more effective for others.

One way is to find a connection in our hobbies, professions, personal experiences and so on, through the lives of patron saints. Such as beekeepers when their bees begin to awaken from hibernation might find a prayer to “The Honey Tongued” Doctor of the Church Saint Ambrose. This offers something that is tangible.

Another is how the Eucharist is a link to the communion of saints, which takes us all the way back when Jesus broke bread with the disciples. (Mark 14:12-25) From that day forward we have a link within the action of accepting Jesus into our life. For anyone who attends a service with communion offered on a weekly basis, this is a weekly reminder, that we are connected and also into scripture.

A creative way I have found to connect to canonized saints and into scripture is through the book Drinking with the Saints. There is also an app for that. A unique book that goes through a whole year learning about some of the canonized saints, their lives and connect us with a beverage (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) of some sort. This is a different kind of tangible, something that adds an action into our connection.

Instead of inventing the wheel so to speak; here is the excerpt on Saint Mark the Evangelist, as found on page 87 and 88. You are about to learn why we have a weeping cherry tree in our garden, that we call Saint Mark, in conveniently named Saint Mark’s Garden.

“St. Mark the Evangelist (d. 68) is traditionally believed to have been a disciple of St. Peter, whose memories of Our Lord Mark recorded in his Gospel. Many also conjecture that Mark is referring to himself when he mentions the man who fled naked for the Garden of Gethsemsne (Mark 14:51). Saint Mark eventually journeyed to Alexandria to spread the faith, where he was martryed by being dragged through the streets. The Coptic Church honors him as it’s founder. Later, the Roman Catholics wanted a piece of him too—literally. In AD 828, Venetian merchants sneaked his relics through a Muslim check point by hiding them in pork, which was unlawful for the Mohammedans to touch. St. Mark’s remains are in the grand Basilica of San Marco in Venice, and the evangelist’s symbol, the lion, became that of the city.

Because St. Mark’s Day is associated with a particular legend about Pope St. Gregory the Great, it has become an occasion for eating cherries—or in our case drink them….

Last call: The battle cry of the Venetian was Piante Lione — Plant the Lion! May St. mark the Lion plant the faith firmly in our hearts.”

St. Mark

3/4 oz. gin

3/4 oz. dry vermouth

1/2 oz. cherry liqueur (e.g., Cherry Heering)

1/2 oz. groseille (red currant) syrup or grenadine

Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass filled with ice and stir until cold. Strain into a cocktail glass.

+Non-alcoholic (Not a part of the book. Always important to include those not of age or dry.)

3/4 oz. cherry juice

4oz. of ginger ale

Add the cherry juice on top to allow the color to fade throughout.

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