Changing Direction January Musings

We are half way through the first month of the new year. A New Year Resolution is all about changing direction of how we are doing something right now. For some who made a “New Years Resolution”, those valiant efforts may have waned. While others are staying the course for a while longer, with fewer each day holding to that decision to a newness of life. That many people do not stick to a resolution could be, something other than not having the will power to fully commit.

One of the most common themes for a New Year Resolution, is to be healthier. With that resolution might be those concrete health goals, to eat more veggies, walk or run the first 5K or half marathon or whatever it may be. While being healthy might be exercising our mind, by reading books that uplift us, gain new knowledge or old classics that help us to feel comfort.

Many of us know so well, it is easy to set goals! It is not always easy to obtain them.

This is where our spiritual health can aid the resolution intentions of creating a healthier version of ourselves. Although there may be several stages of goals, the shift in thought, that made a difference for me was to see what I can do and not what I cannot do. This can also be called “the law of attraction”. I was able to see how much I already was doing, this helped me to feel more comfort to add a something here and something there. Making gradual shifts in awareness, helped bring more opportunities.

This stopped me from the comparison game to what others were doing and I was not doing. It is a game really, because all we do is bounce back and forth from one comparison to the other. That comparison is in some ways saying that “we are not enough, unless” and is an absence of faith that we can live different than we are now. To first recognize that we all do things differently.

Often our resolutions are shared in a way, that says we are lacking in something. Whether it is a healthy looking body, a job title or another goal. This is a comparison game, because what we are really doing is seeing how close we can be like someone else while not being a clone or to fill the expectations of someone else. Instead of looking at the inspiration someone offers. While also ignoring when we have been made to believe or feel less than someone else. This why our resolutions do not work, because we cannot be something or someone we are not. Our goal is to be our authentic self.

This is an absence of faith, because we are enough just as we are. For whatever reason, we have forgotten our greatness already present. I recognize, this may feel easier said than done, but awareness can begin with gratitude. To be grateful for what we are able to do and honoring the limitations we have been given. It is faith, to also not to do something. To not cast ourselves out by setting our own limitations by living in comparison toward others.  It is when we are able to honor who we are and what we can do, that we can take our next steps toward greatness. Gratitude, is faith in action.

Perhaps that is the resolution for each of us, to be grateful for what we and others have accomplished. Then seeing the new opportunities we can open up, by accomplishing our own goals. Just as different movie directors can bring a different view of the same script, our lives hold different experiences. We hold now, the opportunity to recognize each new day and each new moment, holds a possibility to change direction. To be resolute with who and where we are now. Also, knowing that right now does not hold our limitations and to know we might have to adjust when we least expect it. There may be similarities, but there are differences. The best end result for a healthy spirit will look the same, when our resolution is to be our own authentic self.

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